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Becky Wilson Rewrite
The Cosmically Unlikely Case of Becky Wilson’s Handbag
I am writing this report today to address an object of interest which appeared on my desk recently. It was brought to my attention when it tore a hole in time, thousands of years long, seemingly at absolute random.
The scientific implications of this are enormous. The pure and sprawling improbability of something randomly flicking from one moment in time and space to another is staggering. Of course, as soon as I learned of its existence I had it brought to my lab for study and ascertain how this occurred. I want to know what makes it special, why it can do this. I was able to pull DNA from both the animal it was crafted out of, and the creature who owned it. Through their DNA, I was able to download the complete memory stores of each to my personal computer. These are my findings.
The creature the bag was made out of was called a “cow” and its life was largely uneventful. It was born in the dark and quickly separ
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 9 4
Becky Wilson's Time Travelling Handbag
The Cosmically Unlikely Case of
Becky Wilson’s Chronologically Confused Handbag
I am writing this report today to address an object of interest which appeared on my desk recently.
Oddly enough, I do mean appeared in the literal sense: the unimaginably improbable event of a chronologically disturbed object simply manifesting from thin air directly onto the desk of the head of a lab studying disturbances in time is and was nothing short of miraculous. I remain in awe and without explanation.
Yet more improbable is the way this item came to be in the state of chronological flux it was in when I found it: as far as I’m able to surmise, by pure and unsullied chance. Once I stabilized the item’s place in time, I ran every test I could imagine and all of it led me to the answer that yes, this piece was not tampered with  by any means, natural nor manufactured, it is merely an expression of the frustratingly random, inexplicable nature of the universe.
I became very inte
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 10 6
In The Stone Screenplay by tribble-of-doom
Mature content
In The Stone Screenplay :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 33 5
Fang, Ur So Silly by tribble-of-doom Fang, Ur So Silly :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 352 132 Bone Ain't Excited by tribble-of-doom Bone Ain't Excited :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 229 69
Words And Skin
The words dribble from your mouth like a faulty faucet in the middle of the night. Sheepish and quiet but impossible to ignore, somehow clearly audible through the entirety of the house, even past this pillow I squeeze over my face to block it out. That droning, drooling, drip, drip, drip. Makes my skin just crawl, all I want to do is sleep. I tried to fix you myself, god knows I tried, but I don’t know how you work, I can’t see where you’re broken, and I don’t have the patience to learn. It’s someone else’s turn now. Call the fucking plumber.
“Today will be different.”
A promise. If you ever knew me, you’d know I hate those. I hate how pretty they are, I hate that fine, delicate glass they form in. How they shatter so easily and send razor sharp shrapnel careening through the air when they do. Cutting me and cutting you and sticking in my foot, you know it hurt to trust for years last time? Every time I ste
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 20 5
There is a weight
You asked me to hold.
(Just for a while,
Just for a while.)
My tendons strain and snap,
I lack your Atlas strength.
The crushing force of gravity
Makes me weak, makes me sore.
Take it back, take it back,
But you’ve gone away.
I’m sinking down, I’m sinking down.
The water rises to my throat.
Pushing down, rising up
Drowning and drowning and drowning.
Take it back, please take it back,
Where have you gone?
I’m pinned beneath this weight,
With water to my nose.
My lungs fill up with salt,
Choking and screaming and breathing
Only freezing thickness of water.
Where is that mild friend oxygen?
Where has he gone?
My stinging eyes are blind here.
I cannot to escape, unwilling
To shed this leaden snare
Wherein I dwell confined.
By You.
I grip it tightly.
Surely I will die,
Sweet air has left my blood
I lay back and let black water take me,
Frozen fingers loosen on Your weight.
And all at once
it falls away
I watch i
:icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 36 11
Butterflies in Mexico SCREENPLAY by tribble-of-doom Butterflies in Mexico SCREENPLAY :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 37 2 Chinese Fellow by tribble-of-doom Chinese Fellow :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 30 7 Lew Commission by tribble-of-doom Lew Commission :icontribble-of-doom:tribble-of-doom 74 11


Lynnz Request!

Long overdue request from Lynnzl  

-- I tried o the the snout crooked, I hope it looks how you wanted :)
Apparently I took this commission before I left the internet and then forgot about it?

So here's a long overdue comission. If I forgot about anybody else's please let me know? (tho I ask you provide evidence you ordered one and never got it so I don't get played).

But yea
Hey Friends!

With the new Cow of the Wild episode underway, I'm starting up a Patreon page. I've never done one before so if you have any suggestions on better rewards, better ways to phrase things, anything at all please let me know! If you can, I would love it if you could donate. Even just just one dollar is amazing, because if everyone who followed me gave one dollar I'd have more than enough to afford new stuff and work less hours at the restaurant. But if you can't or don't want to that is also okay and I still love you.

I'll be making a youtube video announcing it this week, and hopefully tweaking it based on suggestions. I'm making it so pledges only come in once a new episode is out, so that I don't take any donations I don't deserve. If I get to the end of COTW (which I hope I do!!), then it might switch over to monthly, or to episodes of whatever new project I'd get into then. Cool? Cool!

Here's that:

Thanks guys :D


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tristehappy Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
HI. I've tried messaging you privately but you have still not responded. It's been six years since I drew this You could drown, you know. by tristehappy so could you draw me my fursona  Triste 2016 by tristehappy as my prize and try to not ignore me this time I am not trying to be an ass but it's literally been over six years and still haven't even gotten a response from you
tribble-of-doom Featured By Owner 6 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there sorry!

I don't remember that at all as it was 6 years ago, and I haven't been on DA or youtube recently, sorry bout that.

I'll see if I have some time tomorrow
yewtail-yewstar Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2018  Student General Artist
Hi tribble!  I don't know if you remember me from so long ago!  I'm glad to see you're still animating!  Your channel was one of my favorite things as a kid and I'm really happy to see your'e still working on it!
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