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If I opened commissions, would anybody get them? 

86 deviants said Sure would :3
83 deviants said I have no money for those ):
42 deviants said :icondesiremeplz:
13 deviants said Naw, probably not.


Hey guys!

Just an update for those who ordered commissions: I'm leaving for Korea to visit my brother on Friday, and so won't be able to work on commissions further until I get home (I arrive back on the 24th).

So yeah just so you know what's going on and why they're not getting done. I've been busy trying to get the next two weeks of school projects finished before leaving :P
A Collection of Unacknowledged Love Letters


In the Spring, you’re different. You’re new.
We meet for the first time (again).
I remain the same, patient and waiting.
But you Begin (again).

I’m often envious when I watch you in the Spring. So soft and faint but eager and unafraid. It must be beautiful to learn everything all over again. I’d like to rediscover the love letters carved into mountains by rivers, or the way the ocean behaves when she sees the moon - how she reaches. The hopeless romanticism of water. I’d like to see the sun all brand new and feel the touch of heat and light for the first time again. I’d like to forget everything that has made me so hard and sharp and be soft again.
I haven’t been new that way in eons. Back then I was still alone; churning and molten and shapeless. It was before I knew you, before the seasons and the rain and the ocean. When it was only the sun and the stars and I. The moon hadn’t even left home yet, or broken the heart of the Pacific.
I remember it was quiet then. I used to miss it but now I don’t. I’ve come to rely on you. I’d rather the sun stretch out and suffocate me in angry tendrils of white flame than live in silence again. A billion years would pass so slowly without you.
In the Spring the rain visits more often. Plummeting from the sky and nestling deep into my skin. It whispers stories of where it’s been - what it was like the be the Atlantic or the Red Sea or Lake Ontario or a puddle. Sometimes it tells me what it is to be a cloud, but cannot ever fully describe to the Earth what it is to be the Sky. I dream of the vague and indistinct things they tell me. Sometimes my dreams turn into mountains and I can see the Sky and the clouds all around me but never truly be part of them. Always tethered to the ground, I cannot transcend my nature.  I cannot break away from myself.
Sometimes you show me the sky. When you’re a bird you help me to understand. I like it when you’re larger - an eagle or an osprey - something that glides. I like the way you feel when you glide, how the air hugs your wings from above and from below and holds you up in the Sky so effortlessly.  I don’t understand the sky, but when you’re a bird, you do. Even in the Spring when you don’t understand anything, you understand the Sky.
I have seen the birth of the universe as nothing but dust and the slow death of Mars as his heart hardened to stone. I’ve seen comets sail past and comets crash land and far away stars go supernova. And I have seen you. Born a thousand times over, I have seen you. I always find myself turning inward, away from the ballet of the stars and in on the small lives you inhabit. The infinitesimal things you do are so much infinitely more interesting than the entirety of space.
And in the Spring (when you’re new,) you find me just as fascinating.


In the Summer, you grow up.
You’re alive and vibrant and so
(I hold my breath and the wind stops.)

In the Summer you’re as happy as I’ve ever seen you. Basking in the sun, soaking up the light. You drink everything in eagerly, and grow tall and strong. When you’re a tree I watch your leaves spring out of buds and spread out wide, and I watch your trunk grow tick and your roots hold on to me tightly.
By the Summer you know me well. You’re beginning to remember me from before the Spring - slowly fall in love with the way I hold you when you sleep and catch you when you fall.   You fall in love with how the flowers bloom in a million colours and the smell of fresh rain and the sound of a world teeming with life. When you’re a lion you sleep on my sun baked rocks in the evening when the air is chilled and you love me. When you’re an elephant you drink fresh, abundant water and play in mud and eat until you can’t and you love me. When you’re a wolf you run through thick hot forests and feel dew on your fur and soft moss under your paws and you love me.
But I forget to breath sometimes when I watch you and your world grows windless and dry. And sometimes when I forget the breath, the rain forgets to fall. Sometimes rivers forget to flow and turn to mud.
When I forget to breath and the rain forgets the fall, the grass turns yellow and the flowers crumple away into dust. The roots you trusted me to take care of shrivel and slowly kill you. I try to fix it, I blow on you as hard as I can but all it makes are dust storms which hurt you more. I can’t control the rain, water always has her own agenda. Sometimes rivers just give up and sometimes rain wants to stay in the Sky. Sometimes oceans grow so lonely they dry up into deserts. I don’t have any control.
But when these things happen it’s not the rain you hate. It’s not the rain you believe is cruel and uncaring. The rain wasn’t the one who betrayed you, the one who promised she loved you and then abandoned you when you needed her.
It’s me.


In the Autumn, you’re tired.
You’re weary and sore.
The Sky is grey and the sun turns away.
You want to leave.

If you’re a bird, you do leave. You use your knowledge of the Sky to follow her far away. You abandon me. When you’re a tree, the leaves I adoringly watched bloom and stretch and soak in the light shrivel up and fall away. Sometimes they fly bright colours to say goodbye. Sometimes they just turn brown. If you’re a bear, you withdraw into a long and silent sleep. If you’re an insect you’ll die. If you’re a flower you’ll die. If you’re unprepared or slow or hungry you’ll die.
In the Autumn I watch any love you had left for me drain away. You’re so tired. Everything is grey and brown and dull. None of the vibrancy of Summer. None of the newness of Spring. In the Autumn there is nothing.
I want to tell you I still love you. I want to tell you everything will be better in the Spring. I want to tell you not to give up. But you don’t understand me like that.
In the Autumn you die or you run away.
You leave me alone.


In the Winter, you’re gone.
It’s quiet.
Everything is blank and silent.
(I miss you.)

In the Winter you’ve disappeared completely. Everything is strange and still. Trees are barren, rivers harden, all the green is gone now. There are now flowers. There are no birds. Even the rain is lonely - it bunches up and hugs itself as it hits the ground, big and fluffy and white. It suffocates everything.
Winter me of how it felt to be new. When I didn’t have you. In the Winter I often try to look outward - try to find pleasure looking out into space again. But all I can see is the moon drifting further and further from the Ocean that loves him and the ending of things and the cold. The stars are beautiful but most of them are already dead. I’m always drawn back to the place you were. Watching it and willing you to return. Aching for your presence to the core of my molten heart.
The Winter passes like an eon.
It makes me envy Mars. A dead heart of stone cannot gnaw the way the fire in my belly gnaws at me in your absence. A surface devoid of life cannot miss what it never had. I watch the snow fall and listen to the hush of the Season and wait for Spring.


In the Spring, you’re different. You’re new.
We meet for the first time (again).
I remain the same, patient and waiting.
But you Begin (again).
Unacknowledged Love Letters
The rough copy of my final short story for my fiction workshop D:

If you guys have any suggestions please please comment, I really want it to be good and it's due on Wednesday so yes.
Hey guys!

Just an update for those who ordered commissions: I'm leaving for Korea to visit my brother on Friday, and so won't be able to work on commissions further until I get home (I arrive back on the 24th).

So yeah just so you know what's going on and why they're not getting done. I've been busy trying to get the next two weeks of school projects finished before leaving :P


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Hey, I'm Maddy.

I'm tribbleofdoom over on le youtube where I animate a show about wolves and a variety of other fluffy creatures so if that piques your interest, you can mosey on over there.

As far as the about me dealio goes, I'm pretty dull. That won't stop me from going on about myself for an hour, however.

I love me some Power Metal, Pagan Metal, alternative and indie moosic. I'm a ridiculously over-the-top fan of Bioware games (KotOR, Dragon Age: Origins, The Mass Effect Trilogy etc) but I love pretty much any RPG I can get my hands on.

I'm a huge fan of Star Trek, Farscape, Battlestar, Red Dwarf and all other sci-fi ever. Duplicitous as ever, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones are also things I will devour with the hunger of a thousand ravenous wolves. Also, Avatar cartoons because shut up.

My favorite book is Harold and Maude and you should read it.

I'm an exceedingly shy individual, I get tongue tied easily, and I'm always sleepy.

I want to work in the film industry, and I've gotten into a program for screenwriting at university, so hopefully I'll end up with a job doing that. Preferably for TV. Because that'd be pretty sweet.

My goals in life include: Writing and publishing at least one book, living in New Zealand, traveling the world, skydiving, not dying until I'm old.


Say hi if you feel inclined. I don't bite. Unless you are made of chocolate. In which case I do bite. Sorry.

Narcissistic rant out.

PS -

:iconsterlingcynder: :iconalbinoni: :iconcallykitty:


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DragonDragoo Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, Tribbs... you're probably going to laugh at this as you read it... heck, you probably might not even read it but... I'm pretty mad at you for letting fluffylovey make that video that spoiled a lot of stuff from CotW. I just... can't believe you did that... I mean, jerk move man. Jerk move.

What were you all like, "well, fuck you guys!" And just let it happen?

I've always liked you, I thought you were a really cool person, and frankly this really surprised me. I honestly don't know what to say.

Oh wait. Yes I do.

Thanks a lot. :ono: 
PandaFilms Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When did this happened?
DragonDragoo Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A while back, last year. Before the new episode even came out. Would you like me to link you the video?
PandaFilms Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh wait a sec is it the map?
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stormstarofstormclan Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Student Digital Artist
have fun
KyokiTheDamned Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
puppyhowler Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015  Hobbyist
i love your new art style :)
Luciiid Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there tribble! This is going to sound kind of creepy, hope you don't mind me asking, but i've wondered for a long time now- did you (or do you) go to Ryerson? I was just thinking of going there myself for university, and if you did go there I kinda wanna know how it is :v
tribble-of-doom Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I go to York :0 Couldn't tell ya!
Luciiid Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
aaugh darn, is york nice at all? I probably sound super creepy i'm sorry
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